#36 – The Lost Season? – Toby Salin Andrew Strain

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PatchyWhen it’s winter I want to go skiing. I don’t really want to do much else. Summer is the time for mountain biking and playing golf and whatever activity people tend to do in shorts. I don’t want to mountain bike in the winter.

This season it is no surprise that this winter on the West Coast has been less than good. You could even say it’s been awful.   I’ve definitely felt that way at times this season. It’s a pretty jaded point of view from a skier who’s been completely spoiled over the years.   We’re going to have bad seasons once in a while. It’s inevitable. This year happens to be one.   It’s easy to get down and even depressed when, your source of happiness, your well-being your LIFE FORCE is running near empty.   I was curious whether it was just me being overly melodramatic or if others felt the same way I do.   I   called a couple friends who spend as much time in the mountains as anyone, Toby Salin and Andrew Strain, to come over and talk about it.   Here’s a little disclaimer – If you don’t live near the mountains and don’t get to ski everyday you may not want to hear us complain about it!   But sometimes you gotta vent a little.   We do know that even when it sucks, we still have it pretty damn good.   It will get better SO keep your pants on!

Here’s a gallery of Andrew Strain’s work and a couple from Toby 



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