#111 – Simon D’Artois

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#111 Simon D’Artois

Simon D’Artois




Simon D’Artois is an Olympian and X-Games Gold Medalist halfpipe skier from Whistler BC Canada.  He came to LPP fresh from his experiences at the Peyongchang Olympic games.   We talk about his Olympic recent experience and his thoughts on Elizabeth Swaney, the Hungarian “skier” who can barely ski the halfpipe but still made to the games.  He explains the process of not only getting physically prepared but also learning how to achieve the right mind-set for competing and the tools and devices the Canadian Team uses to help their athletes be their best.



When he’s not on skis, Simon has developed a love for photography with Dart Camera,  and we talk about that as a way he balances the stresses of high level competition.


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Simon D'ArtoisSimon D'Artois




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