#109 Nikolai Schirmer – In the Field

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#109 Nikolai Schirmer

In the Field




Nikolai Schirmer is an interesting guy who gets a lot done.  Nik has spent most of the season in Pemberton working on his weekly web series, “Schirmer in the Field”.   SITF is a running documentary on skiing and ski culture as he sees it throughout his travels and experiences.   He skis in it, edits it, does the production work, the planning, the filming and much more.  Putting together a good edit that is 5 minutes or longer can take sometime to get right.  He does it every week.  And they’re good.   Really good.

In this chat we talk about the process he takes to complete his weekly episodes.   He tells us about his home in Norway way above the Arctic Circle, learning how to sled in BC, Law School and how all of these tie together on his current journey and this project.   Enjoy!

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