#106 Freeride World Tour – Behind the Scenes

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#106 Freeride World Tour

Behind the Scenes at the FWT Kicking Horse




The LPP spent a week in Golden, BC Canada at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort for the Freeride World Tour.  We wanted to get a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes, from all angles, at a big ski event like this one.



In this episode you’ll hear us talk with legendary snowboarder and FWT judge Tom Burt on the judging criteria and what the judges are looking for in each rider’s line.  We also connected with Kyle Hale, head patroller at Kicking Horse on how they had to adapt their operation to accommodate the event.  Jim Alran who is the operations manager for the FWT explains how he and his team have to address everything from location, weather, electrical capacity, equipment, transportation and a hundred other details just to get ready to start.  Finally we are joined by Logan Pehota who explains the what the week is like from the perspective of the skiers.



Watch the entire FWT event at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

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