#105 – Greg Hill – Leading the “Charge”

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#105 Greg Hill

Leading the “Charge” with Sustainable Adventure

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Skier, Guide, and Environmentalist Greg Hill,  is leading the way in figuring out what we can do to become sustainable adventurers.  It’s a a theme that is building momentum within our community and Greg, with help from his skiing and travel partner Chris Rubens, is leading the charge.   Traveling to ski and adventure in the mountains has a big carbon footprint and he is doing his best to find sustainable alternatives.  Greg has sold his big diesel truck, gave away his snowmobile, significantly cut down on his international flights and has bought an electric vehicle to get him to where he needs to be.



Greg Hill is a guy that has a history of pushing limits to attain goals.  He was the first person to climb and ski two million (2000000!) feet in a year and was also the first person to attain daily vertical milestones of 20, 30 40 and 5o thousand feet in a day.  This was fuelled in part by his own desire to live up to expectations and gain the the approval of his family but more importantly his need to, “Live for passion and what makes me happy”.




Follow Greg’s Electric Adventures  at  www.electricadventures.ca

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