#103 – Thayne Rich

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#103 Thayne Rich – Gives Credit Where its Due




Throughout this entire conversation, Thayne Rich, without being asked, gives credit where it’s due.  Credit to the members of his family and his mentors at work and in skiing that have helped him develop into who he is today.

Skiing Photos by Sam Watson – Courtesy of  4FRNT Skis

Thayne grew up in the Church of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake city Utah before deciding at age 15 that the Church wasn’t how he wanted to live his life.   Having an understanding and supportive family has been key to Thayne’s development as a skier and as a person.   It’s proven in the way he carries himself and in the respect he shows others and the people who continue to influence him.

In this episode we talk about Thayne’s 7 year history working for 4FRNT and how the recent changes there have affected him, his love for golf and it’s similarities to skiing and how a knock on his camper door started his partnership with Level 1 and more.  Enjoy!



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