#102 Marcus Caston – Return of the Turn

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#102 Marcus Caston – Return of the Turn




Marcus Caston is a skiing purist.   The SLC native believes that we should all be back on straight, skinny skis for the sole reason that it will separate the good from the average.   Marcus, who’s turns and face shots have graced the cover of many a popular ski mag, talks about a lot of the contrasts in today’s ski culture.  Blackcomb vs Whistler,  Alta vs Snowbird,   hucking big cliffs  vs throwing tricks off of little ones are just some of the topics covered.  This self professed, “Ski Dork” is un apologetic with his thoughts that some may find controversial.

Once an aspiring ski racer, Marcus now spends his time travelling the world shooting photos and doing his best not to ski in the rain at which it seems he is failing miserably.  Enjoy!


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