#85 Hadley Hammer – Skiing and Podcasting

#85 Hadley Hammer       Hadley Hammer is a skier and a podcaster from Jackson Hole Wyoming.   She produces and hosts the Nausicaa-cast which features female athletes from non-stick and ball sports.  Hadley wanted a way to not only engage herself intellectually but be able to present female athletes through a platform where […]

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#83 Logan Pehota – Skiing the Freeride World Tour

#83 Logan Pehota       We originally had this episode of the LPP with Logan Pehota scheduled for a later date.  Yesterday,  Logan placed second at the Freeride World Tour stop in Fieberbrunn, Austria so we decided that there was no better time than now.  When we recorded this conversation,  Logan told us that […]

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#81 Amie Engerbretson – Passion for Skiing with a Fallback Plan

Amie Engerbretson

#81 Amie Engerbretson – Passion for Skiing with a Fallback Plan       This week we have the lovely Amie Engerbretson on the LPP!   As we always do,  we cover a lot of topics with Amie in this episode.  To start off the show she talks about getting caught in an avalanche an few […]

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#79 SLVSH w/ Matt Walker and Jason Mousseau


#79 SLVSH with Matt Walker and Jason Mousseau       This episode we examine the phenomenon that is SLVSH.  Phenomenon?  Yes.  SLVSH is basically a game of HORSE on skis played between two excellent athletes,  filmed and edited then released weekly.  What makes it so important is that its a concept that is at […]

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